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At Tilley Farmstead, we strive to produce quality produce. This is our twelfth year growing a variety of produce on 8 acres. Tilley Farmstead is also a supplier of large, organic garlic seed. Our garlic seed is of the German Extra-Hardy variety. You can order our organic garlic seed online today. Check out our gourmet, organic produce at Clintonville Farmers Market and Worthington Farmers Market in Columbus Ohio. Thank you for supporting Tilley Farmstead.




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German Extra-Hardy

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2018 garlic seed is sold out.  Please check back next year.

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This is our tenth year growing garlic from an excellent strain of German Extra-Hardy seed.  We plant 30,000 cloves each fall and have truly excellent garlic stock. Our seed stock is certified organic. Our garlic is also tested stem and bulb nematode and none were detected. German Extra-Hardy is a hardneck variety with sturdy stems. German Extra-Hardy garlic is a beautiful purple-striped very large bulbs  (avg   2 1/4" in diameter), with 5-10 cloves per bulb (avg 8). This garlic variety fares well in harsh winters. We grow in zone 5 and plant mid-October. The tips of the garlic are exposed all winter, giving the garlic a head-start for spring growth. For taste, this garlic is hard to beat. It is a fairly spicy garlic, very strong raw flavor, mellowing when cooked. Simply delicious!  Click Growing Tips if you'd like to learn more about planting garlic.


Under 10 Pounds - $12/Pound

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*Please call to check for availability for orders over 100 pounds to discuss shipping or possible pickup. Call Becky at (740)412-8741.


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It's been a long winding road to get to Tilley Farmstead.

Becky began farming in 2007. After moving back to the heartland from the west, she dug in with minimal farming experience and budget. Over the years she grew the farm, called Dangling Carrot, from three acres to eight. Each year she fine-tuned her vocation in the face of floods, droughts and pests, always with the goal to improve the soil and grow delicious vegetables. Though each year presents different adversities and successes, she has established her main cultivars and farming practices. These practices include crop rotation, cover cropping, using plastic mulch for weed suppression, following all OEFFA (certified organic) guidelines, soil testing and amendment and selecting vegetable varieties for taste.

After a decade of farming vegetables solo Becky met and fell in love with Justin Tilley. Justin taught art in Zanesville for a dozen years. On the side, he was busy with his photography business and remodeling houses. In 2016, he proposed on the swinging bridge located on the family creek. They were married that fall underneath the old sycamore tree. In 2017 they began farming together.  They have changed the name to "Tilley Farmstead" to reflect the artful changes on the farm since Justin's arrival.

The farm has been certified organic since 2015. Tilley Farmstead produces a variety of vegetables on eight acres including our specialties: heirloom tomatoes, colorful roots, German Extra-Hardy Garlic, and salad greens.

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Find us at Worthington Farm Market (8am-noon) and Clintonville Farm Market (9am-noon) every Saturday May - October.


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